An ISO 9001:2015 and COR certified company, Crosbie provides a suite of industrial services in multiple sectors. Its highly-skilled, certified team has a proven track record of safely delivering efficiencies and innovative solutions that meet and exceed our client expectations.

Crosbie Group Limited

Offshore Services

Crosbie began working in the Canadian offshore oil & gas sector in the mid-1990s and today delivers a full suite of facility maintenance and deck services on producing assets offshore Newfoundland and Labrador. From crane operations, access solutions, protective coatings, insulation and specialty industrial services, Crosbie provides high-quality technical services and solutions that add value to a project's lifecycle and to a client's bottom line.

Panthera Solutions

Panthera Solutions, a Crosbie Member Company, is a joint venture between Crosbie and Farfan & Mendes Limited, a second-generation Guyanese family business. Panthera Solutions provides industrial solutions and value-added services to Guyana’s burgeoning oil and gas industry. Specializing in a range of maintenance, access and technical services, Panthera Solutions provides the only IRATA-certified rope access services in Guyana. Through a commitment to extensive employee training and certification, our internationally recognized staff provide technical and managerial support to both onshore and offshore operations.


Committed to superior client service, Crosbie seeks out and collaborates with globally recognized providers.  

Onshore Services

Crosbie's Onshore Services division provides high-quality industrial maintenance services. Crosbie delivers a complete suite of services, offering long-term, cost-effective solutions to the industrial market, including specialized composite repairs, thermal spray aluminum coatings, insulation, fireproofing and surface preparation and coatings. The company's maintenance facility boasts three acres of yard/laydown area and a 10,000-square-foot facility with a flow-through design. The facility is fully equipped with a blast extraction unit, media recycler and dehumidification system to ensure the highest quality in blasting and coating operations.

Crosbie is also an Industrial Rope Access Trade Association (IRATA) certified trainer and operator. IRATA International's rope access system is a safe method of working at height and in confined spaces. Crosbie personnel provide this solution to clients who experience maintenance challenges in hard-to-access areas.

IRATA is recognized as the world's leading industrial rope access authority. As an IRATA-certified trainer, Crosbie's training courses provide exceptional instruction and rigorous assessment to ensure successful candidates are knowledgeable, safe and confident in their professional journeys. To view our training calendar or register for a course visit


MacKinnon & Olding

MacKinnon & Olding, a Crosbie Member Company (M&O), is one of Eastern Canada's leading providers of onshore industrial services to the marine construction sector. An ISO 9001:2015 and COR-certified company, M&O is focused on safely providing superior customer service to its clients, partners and employees.