Training and Multi-Discipline Crews

CSL Multi-Discipline Deck Crews complete a wide variety of tasks, including:

  • Fabric Maintenance
  • Crane Operations
  • Banksman/slinging and rigging
  • Access
  • Logistics operations
  • Helicopter landing crew duties/Helideck crews

We have a wide range of experience in the operations of Muti-Discipline Crews on fixed installations, semi-submersibles and F.P.S.O’s.

This service includes the development of multi-tasked deck and helideck crews for the management and handling of offshore logistics operations, including the training of personnel both onshore and offshore.


At Crosbie Salamis Limited we realize that our most important assets are our people. As such, we are committed to continually training and developing our employees.

Through our own training complex and, in association with independent training organizations, we offer specialist courses that support the development of multi-discipline fabric maintenance and logistics crews. All training provided is formulated to specifically meet the needs of our clients and subsequently, our employees.

To support our training programs we utilize a company specific Task Based Competency Assessment system. The system has been developed to manage the training requirements of each individual – ensuring that all employees are fully competent to perform their specific roles and tasks.