Safehouse Inflatable Habitat

The Safehouse Habitat is a system of fire retardant panels that fit together to provide a pressurized environment that can prevent the need to shut down production to complete required work scopes. CSL provides this solution to the offshore installations of Hibernia platform, Terra Nova FPSO and the SeaRose FPSO.

The system is designed to provide a safe module where hot work can be securely executed, while still in production. The module and supporting panels are designed to allow penetration around various sizes of pipe spools, structural steel or pieces of equipment. Special panels can easily be fabricated in the event that there is a particular application that cannot be accommodated within the standard modules.

The in-line air supply gas sensing module (GSM) is ATEX approved for use in zone 1 and 2. Scaffold frames and permanent structures can be designed to support the habitats during installation in all weather conditions. The habitats are sealed and self-supporting once fully pressurized.

Safehouse inflatable Habitats suit a wide range of applications, including:

  • Pipe/structural repairs
  • Inspections
  • Intrusive investigations

CSL has an Atlantic Canadian agency/distribution agreement for this product line.