Protective Coatings

Crosbie Salamis Limited (CSL) has substantial experience in working with and applying Protective Coatings Systems in the harsh North Atlantic offshore environment.

Together with our suppliers we are well positioned to provide the appropriate advice and service to fit our client’s needs.

Together with our coatings suppliers, we have developed coating solutions that meet clients’ business needs and environmental considerations. We apply client approved Protective Coating Systems that provide superb corrosion control at great value. We have well-established relations with the major coatings manufacturer, allowing us to keep abreast of current industry best-practices.

CSL’s coating capability ranges through:

  • Program management and execution
  • Development of planned maintenance programs
  • Experienced supervision and personnel
  • Specification development and technical support
  • Scope identification and work scope development
  • Survey and reporting
  • Planning and progress control/monitoring
  • Risk-based coatings management