Composite Pipe Repair

Crosbie Salamis Limited (CSL) employs a team of trained applicators that are certified in the application of composite sleeves for pipe repair. Typical applications cover all aspects of pipe configurations including complex geometric profiles and weldneck flanges and vessels.

The resins used in the Technowrap™ repair product range permit use in applied temperatures ranging from -75 to 220 degrees centigrade. The Walker Technical Resource’s unique Technowrap™3K™ Primer enhances the adhesion strength and therefore pressure retention of the composite repair by approximately three times and permits the use in applied pressures up to 3625.95 PSI (250 Bar). We are the exclusive service and distribution agents for Technowrap™ in Central and Eastern Canada.

Although typical repairs are made for individual flaws as well as repairs of partial wall loss rehabilitation, our system also lends itself to multi-linear runs.

All Technowrap™ composite repairs are engineered, come with a lifetime guarantee and are fully compliant to International Standards. The product range comprises a series of design-engineered repair systems developed to suit a wide range of conditions. The system utilizes composite technology that is internationally recognized and accredited for its outstanding performance, including Lloyd’s Register ‘Type Approval.’ Repairs come with lifetime guarantees of up to 20 years.

CSL represents Walker Technical solutions in Atlantic Canada.

When you commission CSL and their Walker Technical solutions to assist with your integrity challenges, you get more than just a composite repair. You reap the rewards of our engineered, innovative and robust approach. This is supported by our people, processes and technologies and backed up with a wealth of experience in the Oil & Gas sector.