At Crosbie Group and its Member Companies, we pride ourselves on our proactive safety environment.  We are able to accomplish many scopes of work, across multiple industries and ensure that the protection of our people, our families and our communities are at the forefront in all we do.

Our people are our biggest asset.  We ensure from the moment of hire that Health, Safety, Environment and Quality are embedded in all that they do.  Safety at home is a major focus we instill on all employees.  While we are all aware that safety is a top priority at work, we also strive to ensure that employees are equally aware of safety hazards while at home.  Onshore and offshore Behavioural Based Safety Programs are promoted and utilized by all employees in each of our companies.

Crosbie Salamis Limited’s (CSL), Crosbie Groups offshore fabric maintenance provider, total management system is ISO 9001:2008 registered, confirming our commitment to quality assurance and control.